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The Mobile Recreation Lacrosse Organization (MRLO) is excited to welcome you all to our new recreational lacrosse league!  Formed in 2021, and in partnership with the Mobile Parks and Recreation Department, our mission is to introduce and promote the sport of lacrosse to new players throughout Mobile, AL, and help develop future generations of lacrosse athletes.  Created by the Native Americans hundreds of years ago, lacrosse is recognized as the oldest sport in North America and is filled with rich history and tradition.  It also earned the nickname “the fastest sport on two feet” due to its fast-paced nature!  Lacrosse incoporates many important athetic skills such as hand-eye coordination, speed, endurance, agility, and strength, so it is not only a fun game to play, but is also one of the best ways to cross-train for other sports.  We highly encourage you to come check us out, and we know you’ll be hooked the moment you pick up your first lacrosse stick!


Registration for our inaugural season opens January 10, 2022 and runs until March 6, 2022.  The season officially kicks off on March 7, 2022.  This year, we will be offering our Flex6 introductory lacrosse programs to boys and girls ages 5 and up, including adults (that means you Mom and Dad!).  This fun, fast-paced, high-touch, no-contact version of the game is the perfect way to learn lacrosse and develop the necessary stick skills to compete at higher levels.  Please click the link below to register, and we look forward to seeing you out on the field!

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We appreciate and welcome all who wish to help, regardless of your lacrosse experience.  Please reach out to us using the link below! 

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The Mobile Recreation Lacrosse Organization (MRLO) was created in 2021 to promote the growth of lacrosse here in Mobile, AL.  Through our partnership with the Mobile Parks and Recreation Department, we provide affordable programs to players of all ages, gender, experience, and ability.  We strive to maintain a safe and fun environment that not only helps players develop and enhance the necessary skills to compete at every level, but also educate, honor, and preserve the tradition of the game.  Our focus on teamwork and sportsmanship encourages our players to grow as individuals both on and off the field, and help improve the community in which we live.